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A complete and tailor-made range of III-V semiconductors from microwave to optical applications: III-V PICs (Photonic Integrated Circuits), III-V on silicon circuits, GaN and InP transistors...

Our offer

Solutions for Microelectronics and Photonics with III-V semiconductors and their integration with silicon

The III-V Lab masters all the technologies needed to fabricate the most advanced microelectronics and photonics semiconductor components (see our expertise) for your more demanding high speed and high power applications from microwave to optics requiring:

  • High-speed and power transistors (GaN Gallium Nitride, InP Indium Phosphide),
  • Optoelectronic sources (GaAs Gallium Arsenide, InP...),
  • Optoelectronic detectors (GaSb Gallium antimonide, InP...),
  • Photonic Integrated Circuits (InP, LNOI Lithium Niobate On Insulator...),
  • Heterogeneous integration:
    • Advanced packaging,
    • III-V integration with silicon.

State of the art solutions at all steps of your project

III-V Lab can support your projects from the earliest phase in Research & Development up to the production ramp-up with unique capabilities and competences at all steps of your project:

  • Components design & multi-physics modeling :
    • Epitaxy materials engineering,
    • Thermo-mechanic modeling,
    • Electromagnetic modeling,
  • Epitaxy and wafer fabrication :
    • III-V epitaxy up to 300mm wafers
    • 2 to 4 inches III-V wafers front-end,
    • III-V integration with 200-300mm silicon wafers
  • Wafer back-end and test
  • Packaging

A support under different kinds of cooperation

Our unique business model of Industrial Laboratory will enable you to get fast proof of concepts in R & D mode. When the concepts needs to be evaluated in a much industrial way a Pilot Line approach can be adopted in order to support small to medium size productions for niches markets or ramping up applications. And when mass production is foreseen, we can manage technology transfer to industrial partners.

From microwave (GHz to THz) to optics (µm to nm) a complete set of components fabricated on wafer

From microwave to optics: a wide range of technologies for semiconductor integrated circuits

Different components for numerous applications

This roadmap paves the way to a large family of component families serving multiple applications as :

  • Defence, Security & Space,
  • Telecommunications,
  • Mobility,
  • and ISM (Industrial, Scientific and Medical). Learn more >

Laser sources

High power / low noise laser diode ~900-1550nm
780-894nm for atomic clocks
High energy ps sources 1.5µm InGaAs & 9µm QCLD

Optical / mmW transceivers

High data-rate C/O bands T/R (>50G B/W)
SiN – InP Plasmonic
Si photonics

Optical modulators

C/O bands DML / ELM / InP Mach Zehnder Modulators
Technology platform: SIBH / SAG / Butt-joint (active/passive)


GaN HEMT 0.25 down to 0.1µm fmax > 200GHz
InP HBT fmax >600GHz

Analog / Digital interfaces

High speed analog (De)multiplexers > 100Gbaud

Optical detectors

SWIR: InGaAs on InP including APD & T2SL for extended wavelength
MWIR: InAsSb on GaSb including T2SL for red-MWIR LWIR: QCD


(UW-) SOA for in-line amplification
(UW-) RSOA for tunable laser
High Power SOA

ACRONYMS & additional information

  • nm : nanometer
  • ps : picosecond
  • GHz : Giga Hertz
  • THz : Tera Hertz
  • InGaAs : Indium Gallium Arsenide
  • QCLD : Quantum Cascade Laser Diode
  • mmW : Millimeter-wave
  • C band : 1530-1565 nm
  • O band : 1260-1360 nm
  • T/R : Tranceiver / Receptor
  • >50G B/W: more than 50 Giga Baud / Watt
  • SiN : Silicon Nitride
  • InP : Indium Phosphide
  • Si : Silicon
  • DML : Directly Modulated Lasers
  • EML : Electro-absorption Modulated Lasers
  • SIBH : Semi-Insulating Buried Heterostructure
  • SAG : Selective Area Growth
  • MMIC : Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit
  • GaN HEMT : Gallium Nitride High-Electron-Mobility Transistor
  • fmax : Maximum frequency
  • InP HBT : Indium phosphide Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor
  • SWIR : Short Wavelength Infrared (0.9 -1.7 µm)
  • InAsSb : Indium Arsenide Antimonide
  • APD : avalanche photodiodes
  • T2SL : Type-II superlattice (Infrared photodetectors)
  • MWIR : Middle Wavelength Infrared (3.0 - 5.0 µm)
  • GaSb : Gallium Antimonide
  • QCD : Quantum Cascade Detector
  • SOA : Semiconductor Optical AmplifierRSOA : Reflective Semiconductor Optical Amplifier
  • UW-SOA : Ultra Wideband Semiconductor Optical Amplifier
  • UW-RSOA : Ultra Wideband Reflective Semiconductor Optical Amplifier