About us
Located at the heart of the Paris-Saclay Scientific campus, III-V Lab covers investigation from basic research to technology transfer for industrialization
Extract of Mendeleïev's table
III-V columns in the Mendeleïev's periodic table

III-V components at the core of systems for Telecoms, Defence, Safety & Security, and Space applications

III-V Lab is a private R&D organisation jointly established by Nokia, Thales and the CEA under the French “Economic Interest Grouping” (GIE) status.
III-V Lab concentrates in a single entity the most advanced industrial research capabilities in the field of III-V semiconductors in Europe.

An efficient collaboration in Photonics, Optronics and Nanoelectronics

Such structure has enabled the rapid development of a common platform for dual use photonic technology and microelectronic technology.

Epitaxial wafers, transistors, sources, detectors, amplifiers (SOA), multiplexors, Analog to Digital Converters (ADC) … a large variety of semiconductor components or services

III-V lab offers pre-commercial and customized production of III-V components or epitaxy wafers (MBE, MOVPE) for leading edge innovative products.

III-V on Silicon, Gallium nitride, Indium Phosphide, Gallium arsenide… how to combine semiconductor coumpounds

III-V Lab has strong competences and established track record in R&D from advanced modeling to transfer to production in the field of III-V SC (GaAs, InP, GaN …) and their integration on Si for applications such as:
  • RF Radio Frequency applications,
  • Communications,
  • Laser applications,
  • IR Infrared Detection applications.