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We develop the technologies of Tomorrow for a Better World.

Our social contributions

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Contribution to European Sovereignty

At the center of a European ecosystem with Academic and Industrial partners, the III-V Lab makes a strong contribution to the European Technology Sovereignty through the development of advanced strategic III-V technologies.

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Contribution to Environmental Sustainability

A major objective of the III-V Lab is to contribute to greener complex systems especially in Telecommunication, Defence and Space domains, through the development of :

  • new technologies
  • and associated devices like high power transistors or laser
to reduce power consumption while ensuring increased performance.

Applications and markets

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Safety & Security Applications

III-V technologies are essential for :

  • Defence & Security systems :
    • Radar,
    • Electronic Warfare,
    • Infrared Imaging,
    • Quantum Sensing,
    • Tactical Communication,
    • Earth Observation…

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  • Medical applications :
    • Imaging,
    • Phototherapy,
    • Radio Frequency Ablation,
    • Non-invasive sensors...
  • Safe Mobility :
    • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems with Radar sensors,
    • ADAS with Lidar sensors...
An artist's view of communication above the Earth map

Communication & Data Applications

Whith a comprehensive portfolio of Innovative Microelectronics and Photonics III-V Technologies, the III-V Lab prepares the future of Wireless and Wired Network Telecommunication systems :

  • 5G & 6G infrastructures,
  • Quantum communication and computing,
  • Data-centers,
  • Free space optical communication,
  • Long & short distance networks...