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III-V Lab wafer in process to create state-of-the-art components and enable major advances in system performances

A comprehensive expertise in design, manufacturing and testing of Photonic & Microelectronic materials and devices.

Our expertise

A III-V Lab expert working in front of a MOVPE (Metalorganic Vapour-Phase Epitaxy) reactor


Unique expertise of III-V material growth covering a wide variety of semiconductor compounds based on:

  • InP Indium Phosphide,
  • GaAs Gallium Arsenide,
  • GaN Galium Nitride...
This growth is realised on III-V substrates as well as on advanced substrates (thin InP films bonded on Si or SOI).

Wide range of epitaxy reactors (x8) MBE (Molecular Beam Epitaxy), MOVPE (Metalorganic Vapor Phase Epitaxy), GSMBE (Gas Source Molecular Beam Epitaxy) reactors for state of the art III-V material research activities.

A wafer in front of ebeam desk control

Wafer processing

Strong and thorough expertise for all technology steps:

  • Photolithography,
  • Etching,
  • Thin film deposition...

More than 2000 m2 of clean rooms with state of the art equipment’s compatible with 2 inches to 100 mm for InP (Indium Phosphide), GaAs (Gallium Arsenide), SiC (Silicon Carbide) based materials, including:

  • high performance e-beam
  • and stepper.

Design and Modeling

Teams of physics experts for design of advanced integrated optical & electrical circuits :

  • lasers,
  • modulators,
  • optical amplifiers,
  • photodiodes,
  • ultra-high speed HBT electronic,
  • high power GaN circuits, ...

Modeling from band-gap electronic at the atomic level up to optical waveguides and thermal simulations.

Test measurements to assess device and circuit performances

Characterization and Test & Measurement

Characterizations covering a large range of small signal (DC to 140GHz), digital electrical tests as well as dedicated optical benches for:

  • lasers,
  • modulators,
  • optical amplifiers,
  • and photodiodes.

Reliability tests are both conducted on optical and electronic devices.

A III-V Lab packaged component

Advanced packaging

Prototyping of III-V dies in package including:

  • dicing,
  • cleaving,
  • wire bonding,
  • soldering.

2D and 3D heterogeneous integration of III-V components on silicon wafers such as:

  • flip-chip assembly,
  • wafer-bonding,
  • micro-transfer printing...