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 Photographies of the Plateau de Saclay and the III-V Lab building

III-V Lab at the heart of strategical locations for innovations in Paris-Saclay & Grenoble.

Almost 20 years of research and innovation in III-V Lab

A cultural and scientific heritage acquired over decades

The teams come from renowned laboratories in the field of semiconductors like Nokia Bell Labs, pioneer in lasers and transistors over the last century, and Orange Lab (France Télécom – CNET), integrated in the Opto+ Lab with Nokia (Alcatel) in 1998.

A location in the heart of the Plateau de Saclay since 1956

Thales’s research takes place in Le Domaine de Corbeville, on the Plateau de Saclay well before its deployment, at about 1km from the current building in Palaiseau. Paris-Saclay is a scientific and technological cluster currently being developed with the Plateau de Saclay at heart. Thales (CSF) was a key player in the 1930s development of broadcasting, short wave, electro-acoustics and early radar.

A benefit from local expertise

Grenoble is the historical birthplace of microelectronics in France. CEA-Leti is a pioneer in micro and nanotechnologies.

An enabling environment for innovation and discoveries

Whether on the Plateau de Saclay or in Grenoble, encounters between universities, institutes, industrial groups, start-ups promote fruitful collaborations. An environment that has led to the emergence of numerous Nobel Prize winners and the rise of universities in international rankings.