Innovation Award for the Micro-LED Arrays at Tech Connect World 2015 (June 2015)
The demo showed on the CEA Tech booth receives an innovation award. "This technology is the first demonstration of a high density micro-LED array scalable to a standard microelectronic large scale process" (see the reference).

Leti Demos New Process to Fabricate High-brightness Micro-LED Arrays for Next-gen Head-mounted and Head-up Displays (June 2015)
The high-density micro-LED array process was developed in collaboration with III-V Lab.
The high-brightness, enhanced-vision systems such as head-up and head-mounted displays can improve safety and performance in fields such as aeronautics and automotive, where the displays allow pilots and drivers to receive key navigation data and information in their line of sight. For consumers, smart glasses or nomadic projection devices with augmented reality provide directions, safety updates, advertisements and other information across the viewing field. LED microdisplays are ideally suited for such wearable systems because of their low footprint, low power consumption, high-contrast ratio and ultra-high brightness.
More information on the press release.


III-V Lab presentation